School Opening & Weather Report

Dear Parents,

Following weather reports, we are currently planning to open as normal tomorrow however, we may have to close should weather conditions deteriorate.  Please check the school website and your mobiles for regular updates.

If the snow fall is disruptive before school is due to open, we may have to close.  If this is the case we will inform you via: a text message, on our website or on the Glos Closed Schools website at website by 7.00 am.

If you have any concerns about travelling to school tomorrow or collecting children later in the day then we are happy for you to make the decision to keep them at home.  However, if you intend to send your children, please make sure that they are wearing suitable outdoor clothing and wellington boots.

Kind regards

David Williams

Year 3 Class Timeline

We have been learning all about timelines in our history lessons. We have found out that a timeline is an easy way to see the order in which things have happened.

We decided to create our own class timeline, showing the order in which we were born…here we are in our very own timeline, going from the oldest to the youngest person in our class (Miss Norman would have been the oldest but someone had to hold the camera!).